Temple Step Project’s intention is to bring the vibration of sacred ceremony to the dance floor via sacred bass music. Dubstep and Glitch Hop meets Middle Eastern and Shamanic, Spiritual Music. Stomping beats and whomping bass meet acoustic instrumental melodies, chants and overtones. Progressive synthesizers merge seamlessly with flutes, violins and oud. The Temple Step Project brings a unique blend of future tech music with an uplifting and healing vibration, a sense of the sacred and a depth like nothing before it.


Temple Step: Electronic Production, Percussion and Vocals:

An ever growing wizard of sound, Temple Step has been an integral part of many musical projects over the last 15 years. From the full blown psychedelic trance band, Mantrix to sound healing project Sound Alchemia, Temple Step crosses all borders, genres and styles to true connect beyond mind what the essence of music really is.

Some of the project that have graced Temple Step’s presence are world music groups, some production acts, some both, but in the end the essence of live and produced music comes together within him. The fusion of technology and ancient instruments have always drawn Temple Step into a still point, a place where his creativity resides. Projects like Mantrix, Electric Eden, Zarafa, Samadhi, Sound Alchemia, Sufi Soul Electonica, Fingers of Fury, Darpan and many others been part of his musical journey which bring him to the present which he finally develops his own self directed group: The Temple Step Project.

 Temple Steps roots, interests and intention are deep within ceremony and healing. A reiki master, psyco-spiritual and sound healer, Temple Step deeply feels his place in the world when he is in service through music and sound. Weather playing devotional music on tabla or middle eastern percussion in Sacred circles or rocking a dance floor on the DJ decks, Temple Step feels no borders, separation or discernment between genres, places or time.

As well as been a prolific producer, Temple Step is also an eastern percussionist using tabla, frame drum, daf, darbukka, riq and and drum kit to express the mystic tribal being within.

Hes is also a prolific DJ that has been sharing a life long journey of his inspiration and love of music with others playing many major festivals in Australia. He has played many times in different acts at the Rainbow Serpent Festivals, Earthdance, Woodford Folk Festival, Earthcore, Port Ferry Folk Festival and many other venues around Australia.

Musicians Bio:

Darpan – Vocals, Overtones, Spoken Word and Ritual:

Darpan is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and neo-shaman. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats. He is a living synthesis of his teachings and is an inspirational speaker and gifted musician. He was born in the Netherlands and was raised and educated in Australia. He graduated from Flinders University with a B.A (Hons) majoring in Psychology and the Dramatic Arts.

He spent several years studying the art of meditation in India with the enlightened mystic Osho, and later lived and worked with various shamans and healers in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.Further studies include Transpersonal Psychology and the teachings of Dr. Stanislav Grof. He is also deeply influenced by Tibetan Bhuddist and Taoist philosophy. He has recorded several CDs of original music: “Die Laughing” (1989), “Body of Light” (2005), “Temple of Glowing Sound” (2006), “Fly Away” (2007), and now “LoveLight”.

Shai Shriki – Vocals, Oud, Guitar:

Gypsy guitarist, singer and multi instrumentalist, captures different flavors of world music, playing some unique string instruments from the Middle East. He performs traditional prayers from the ancient Hebrew script as well as original songs, in a fusion of contemporary and traditional sounds. Born in Israel to a Moroccan family, Shai’s truly authentic music and voice invoke the desert landscapes and cultures, traveling through time.

Avishai Barnatan – Ney Flute, Turkish Clarinet and Vocals:

Avishai was Born in Israel 1965. He plays various wind instruments including Ney, celtic flutes, Zurna and Shehnai(double reeds), turkish clarinet and more. He has performed extensively throughout Europe , U.S.A and Australia with his Band SHEVA. He is currently based in the lush forest in the Northern rivers region of N.S.W Australia with his family. He records and produces his own music as well as produce for other artists . Avishai loves collaborating with other musicians and bringing together different musical forms . He also work with Benjamin as a soundtherapist  in Sound Alchemia,  using the power of sound and music to shift and transform physical and emotional states . First solo project released 2001 ARK OF DREAMS .(transformational journey) recently released MR.SLEEP & THE FLYING GREEN TOAD (kids album)

Laura Targett – Violin:

Laura Targett is a fiddler, contemporary songwriter/singer, acclaimed instrumentalist and artist, with her featured instrument the violin defining her unique style and compositions.

With a strong foundation and training in traditional Irish, other traditional folk styles, classical and Middle Eastern music, her repertoire extends to contemporary and experimental performance including electronica, electro acoustic and “world music” fusion. As part of her life as a musician/mama/painter she regularly performs as a fiddler with diverse and eclectic line-ups, from Israeli wedding bands, to Dubstep electronic projects, to Classical violin duets, to Flamenco, “Gypsy”, Middle Eastern and trad Irish bands as well as playing string backing for contemporary singer/songwriters.

She has performed at music festivals globally, including Woodford, Port Fairy Folk Fest, Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay Blues fest (Australia), Jerash Arts fest (Jordan), Broadstairs Folk Fest (UK) and many others, and has received awards for her compositions and performances in Australia and Internationally, including the Wiltshire Young Folk Award (UK), and composition awards at the Port Fairy and National Folk Festivals.

Her diverse performance credits include: collaborations with Australian legends Kerriane Cox, Greg Sheehan, Circle of Rhythm, and members of Israeli band, Sheva, touring with Irish dance show, Celtic Reign, as well as guest appearances with international artists including Nano Stern (Chile), Tim Edey and Brendan Power (UK), Seamus Begley and Jim Murray (Ire), Flook (UK) and Kev Carmody and Blue King Brown (Au).