Ecstatic Dance Workshop Facilitator:

Temple Steps prolific career as a Music Producer and Ecstatic Dance DJ spans over 20 years of Music Production Djing, Sound Healing and Live performance. He has presented as an Ecstatic Dance DJ at Yoga Barn (Ubud Bali), Byron Bay, Melbourne  and many more.  Temple Step has performed as a producer, Dj and workshop facilitator as Mantrix, Temple Step Project, .i. and Temple Step Sound Immersive, plus performed with countless world music acts and facilitated opening ceremonies in festivals all around the world.  His intention is to bring a sacred vibration of transformation through music and sound.

Here are some testimonials from Ecstatic Dances that I have DJed at:

  • “Ben is by far my favorite Dj at Ecstatic Dance at the Yoga Barn. I have lived in Ubud on and off for over a year and experienced all the Dj’s that are in the regular rotation there. I can honestly say, that if I know Ben is playing I never miss a dance. His sets leave me feeling enraptured by the sounds and inspired beyond belief. I actually reach out to him after his sets and try to find out about where he gets his music from. I honestly wish he played every single week”.- Andrew McFarlane.
  • “Man I really loved your sets at Yoga Barn. Especially the last one. The flow was amazing to dance to. Thanks for bringing the vibes to the bar. Much Love ” –  Jackson
  • “I have had the privilege of hearing in his weaving of soundscapes through stumbling across his tracks on various sites across the web. My perception of his style was/is that of a tribal/spiritual artists that draws on energies of healing and poetics to create his music. I was lucky enough to hear him playing at yoga barn numerous times and it was during these events of that I was brought on deep transformational journeys . It wasn’t a tough decision for me realize, for me and many others I know, he is by far the most talented performer that we have ever been privileged enough to journey through sound with. Since then he’s been the headliner or sound healing act (along with his talented partner) at numerous events that I’ve attended. My perspective is that he is an ambassador for bringing high vibrational music to group gatherings. I’m grateful to have been able to participate to his musical performances and want to extend gratitude to any venues that help bring his magic to the public sphere.” – Lion Galban
  • I must say, Ben’s set really hit me. Right in the face, right were I wanted it to be. Over the years I’ve been to many dances all over Europe, South Africa, also to Ubud’s for 1,5 years straight with almost no gap, and this particular one, without going over the top, has been one of my most favourite ones ever.
    In most dances, the music builds up the energy to a certain level, but then somehow crumbles into some low vibe single beat techno music, as it’s quite hard, to sustain this level of intense energy. This is where I can’t reach into myself anymore, because it feels like the soul of the dance has left and the sensuality has been replaced with repetitive, unchallenging melodies.
    But what made this dance so special, is, that Ben sustained the level. The emotional journey kept on going, the energy kept building. This is where the actual work starts, where my dance starts releasing my blockages, hidden emotions, fears, etc. and turns them into joy and freedom, up to a point, where my mind wanted way more than my body was capable of.
    I can understand though, that some people might not like this confrontation, as it, the way I see it, triggers deep rooted problems and conflicts. It’s just not the simple going out and having a little boogie. It’s full on. Huge thanks to Ben for releasing such an authentic journey into the crowd.


Dance Party/Festival DJ:

Aside from being in the studio Temple Step is a professional DJ continuously performing at many Festivals, Events and Parties. A pumping Dj that can zone in on multiple electonic styles (Ethno Bass,  Shamanic House and Trap ) enriching the dance floor with his conscious vibe. Temple Step has been DJing for over 15 years at many major festivals around Australia including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Woodford, Sonic Temple, Earthcore, PsyCorrobboree and many more.

Chill Zone DJ

Temple Step is also a prolific chill-out Dj. Through his wealth of World and Ambient music production experience, he has come to know the finest producers and musicians in this genre. He is an ever evolving wizard of sound, bringing together music of the ancient and an edge of modern, to bring a unique DJ set that takes you deep within. 15 years of Music Production, Djing and Performing has accumulated history and knowledge of music that Temple Step brings to the chill/dance floor like no other.