Sacred Sound Immersive


Combining over 22 years experience in music production, live performance and a Diploma Psyco/ Spiritual Healing, live laptop artist, Temple Step has developed a unique form of sound immersive journey. Live montaging of Sacred Audio, Psyco-Acoustic Effects Processing, Granular Synthesis, Voice and Shamanic Healing tools create a journey that fuses ancient culture with futuristic sonic textures.


Temple Steps Sacred Sound Immersive is a transformational inner sound journey. Participants lay down in a receptive experience, moving in trance through following the montaging layers of sound. Live etheric vocalists fuse with binaural and holosync textures, deep space NASA recordings, Tibetan monks and Peruvian curandero’s.


Temple Step’s unique offering has opened the way to share this sacred music over the last 6 years in workshops / live performances / opening and closing ceremonies / live breath work and meditation workshop music and healing / mediation CDs. His path has lead him to work for and collaborate with significant people and festivals in the healing arts and music field such as Baraba Marx Hubbard, Breath of Bliss, Avishai Barnatan, Ashrea Heart, Darpan, Deya Dova, Bali Spirit Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequnecy Festival, Ecplise Festival and Uplift Festival.



Madhu Honey brings presence and power through her unique and deeply healing voice to the sound immersions, a pure channel with nectarous tones of ancient cultures and future dreamtime. An alchemy of spoken word, poetry, lyrical and improvisation, Madhu offers an extensive background in performance art theatre ritual ceremony and sacred sound healings, capable of holding profound space for the collective and co-creating a transformational journey.




Here are some recordings of the workshops: